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XI — the eXascale Infolab — is a new research group at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
We are designing, building and deploying next-generation infrastructures for Big Data, with a focus on social, scientific, and linked data.

Latest News

August 2014—Papers Accepted at CIKM and VLDB

Our paper on fixing grammatical errors using large N-grams corpora and preposition ranking has been accepted at CIKM (IR track)! Also, TransactiveDB has been accepted at PVLDB. PDFs coming soon...

June 2014—Verisign Distinguished Speaker Series and Journal Papers

Phil was invited for a second time to Verisign's Distinguished Speaker Series. Also, two journal papers accepted: B-hist: Entity-centric search over personal web browsing history (Journal of Web Semantics) and the Entity Registry System (ERCIM News). 

April 2014—WWW Presentations

Our WWW2014 presentations are now available online: NER, TripleProv, and Transactive Search. Also, we wrote a blog post with some of the highlights of the conference. 

December 2013—Verisign Labs Distinguished Speakers Series

Slides from Prof. Cudré-Mauroux's talk on ERS (the Entity Registry System) are online on slideshare [Verisign Labs Distinguished Speakers Series, Internet Infrastructures Grant Winner]

October 2013—OLTP Benchmark & TRank

OLTPBench (joint work w/ CMU and Microsoft) accepted at PVLDB [pdf]! Also, TRank goes open-source and is nominated for best-paper at ISWC [pdf, ppt, github].