Gruyères Summer School 2019

Time & Place

  • Time: The summer school will take place in the city of Gruyères from Wednesday, August 28 (noon) to Friday, August 30 (noon).
  • Place: Hôtel de Gruyères, Rlle des Chevaliers 1, 1663 Gruyères (Google Maps ). The hotel is at the very beginning of the city (on the right when entering from the main road, behind the parking lot). All rooms have wifi. The hotel has a small gym and a hammam (both open 8am-8pm).


The medieval city of Gruyères is car-free. You can come by car (30’ from Fribourg, exit in Bulle, limited & paid parking lots, 2CHF/h, 5h max, 8am-6pm) though train is encouraged!

Here are some sample train connections that will get you in time at the summer school:

  • From Fribourg: RE Fribourg-Bulle [10:04-10:41], then S50 Bulle-Gruyères [10:51-10:59].
  • From Bern: IC1 Bern-Fribourg [9:34-9:55] then same as from Fribourg.
  • From Neuchâtel: S20 Neuchâtel-Fribourg [8:35-9:28] then same as from Fribourg.

From the station (“Gruyères-Gare, Pringy”), I recommend you walk up to the city (15’, very nice but steep!). Alternatively, you can take a bus (to “Gruyères, ville”) or contact me and I’ll come and pick you up with my car.


The full list of registered participants is below. Students will share double rooms. If you have any preference w.r.t. your roommate, please send me his/her name by Friday, August 16 (midnight) to: [email protected].

  • Students (double rooms): Yann Maret (HEIAFR), Lorenz Rychener (HEIAFR), Lucy Linder (HEIAFR), Dorian Burihabwa (UNINE), Rémi Dulong (UNINE), Sébastien Vaucher (UNINE), Rafael Pires (UNINE), Peterson Yuhala (UNINE), Isabelly Rocha (UNINE), Christian Göttel (UNINE), Jakob Schaerer (UNIBE), Gaetano Manzo (UNIBE), Mikael Gasparyan (UNIBE), Mostafa Karimzadeh (UNIBE), Eirini Kalogeiton (UNIBE), Jose Carrera (UNIBE), Ali Marandi (UNIBE), Diego Oliveira Rodrigues (UNIBE), Luca Luceri (UNIBE), Ines Arous (UNIFR), Natalia Ostapuk (UNIFR), Rana Hussein (UNIFR), Michael Luggen (UNIFR), Akansha Bhardwal (UNIFR), Laura Rettig (UNIFR), Abdelouhab Khelifati (UNIFR).

  • Senior Researchers (single rooms): Pierre Kuonen (HEIAFR), Jean Hennebert (HEIAFR), Marcelo Pasin (UNINE), Peter Kropf (UNINE), Pascal Felber (UNINE), Valerio Schiavoni (UNINE), Torsten Braun (UNIBE), Giuseppe Cuccu (UNIFR), Philippe Cudre-Mauroux (UNIFR).


  • Each talk will be 15’ + 10’ Q&A. Please consult with your advisor(s) if you are unsure about the structure or contents or your presentation.
  • Please send your slides (pdf, ppt or keynote) by Tuesday, August 27 (midnight) to: [email protected] .

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, August 28

Check-in will be open 3:30pm-7pm but you can drop your luggage at the hotel before that of course. The session will take place downstairs at the hotel (biggest of the two seminar rooms). Lunch is on your own.

12:50 Welcome
13:00 Session 1: Learning & NLP (Chair: Dr. Giuseppe Cuccu)
13:00 Lorenz Rychener: Architecture of Machine Learning Systems applied to Anomaly Detection in Industrial Processes
13:25 Akansha Bhardwaj: Prostate Tumor Classification using Deep Learning
13:50 Mostafa Karimzadeh: Reinforcement Learning-designed LSTM for Trajectory and Traffic Flow Prediction
14:15 José Luis Carrera: A Particle Filter-based Reinforcement Learning Approach for Reliable Wireless Indoor Positioning
14:40 Laura Rettig: Fusing Vector Space Models
15:05 Lucy Linder: Swiss-German Neural Machine Translation
15:30 Coffee break; start of check-in
16:00 Session 2: New Software for New Hardware (Chair: Dr. Valerio Schiavoni)
16:00 Dorian Burihabwa: Generalized deduplication for file systems in user space
16:25 Rémi Dulong: NVcache : Accelerating persistent I/O with non-volatile byte addressable memory (NVRAM)
16:50 Peterson Yuhala: Secure Persistent Data Structures
17:15 Isabelly Rocha: Heterogeneity- and Energy-Aware Task-based Scheduling
17:40 Rana Hussein: In-network Acceleration of Query Processing
19:00 Dinner, Restaurant de l’Auberge de la Halle (included, except alcohol)

Thursday, August 29

07:00 Breakfast buffet (included; open 7am-10am)                                                                                                                                               
08:25 Session 3: Mobile & Sensor Networks (Chair: Prof. Torsten Braun)
08:25 Gaetano Manzo: Design and Evaluation of Floating Content Services for Vehicular Applications
08:50 Eirini Kalogeiton: Named Data Networking in VANETs: Solutions and Future Research
09:15 Jakob Schaerer: Wireless Tag Sensor Networks (WTSN)
09:40 Yann Maret: Intelligent and secure algorithms for mission critical mobile area networks
10:05 Coffee break
10:35 Session 4: Social & Graphs (Chair: Prof. Pierre Kuonen)
10:35 Ines Arous: Finding Social Influencers Using Crowd Answers
11:00 Luca Luceri: Online Social Networks Manipulation: Uncovering Bots and Trolls Activity in the US elections
11:25 Michael Luggen: The Importance of Completeness in Knowledge Graphs
11:50 Natalia Ostapuk: ActiveLink: Deep Active Learning for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs
12:15 Lunch (on your own)
13:30 Group activities Hiking tours (e.g., sentier des fromagers) / castle / Giger museum / Tibet museum etc.
19:00 Traditional Dinner, Restaurant le Chalet (included, except alcohol)

Friday, August 30

07:00 Breakfast buffet (included; open 7am-10am)                                                                                                                                               
08:25 Session 5: Data & Service-Centric (Chair: Prof. Pascal Felber)
08:25 Abdelouahab Khelifati: Real­-time compression­-aware storage for probabilistic provenance computation
08:50 Mikael Gasparyan: Service-Centric Networking
09:15 Diego Rodrigues: Software-Defined Service-Centric Networking in FMEC-Enabled Urban Environments
09:40 Ali Marandi: Bloom Filter-based Content Discovery for Cooperative Network Coding in NDN
10:05 Coffee break
10:35 Session 6: Security & Trust (Chair: Prof. Marcelo Pasin)
10:35 Christian Göttel: The OP-TEE Guide to the Trusted Execution Environments
11:00 Rafael Pires: Supply chain malware targets SGX: Take care of what you sign
11:25 Sébastien Vaucher: Anonymous and Confidential File Sharing over Untrusted Clouds
11:50 Farewell

Looking forward to seeing you all in Gruyères!