Brief Bio

I am a PhD student at eXascale Infolab in Switzerland, working with Dr. Mourad Khayati and Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. During my PhD, I have worked on massive data series analysis, machine learning approaches for data augmentation, data compression, and benchmarking databases. I have published 3 articles in top conferences, including my recent benchmark paper, which was published at VLDB. Before that, I obtained two Master’s degrees in computer sciences at Higher school of computer science (ESI) in Algeria and University Paul Sabatier in France. Finally, before starting my PhD, I also worked as a research engineer at the computer science Lab IRIT in France.

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  2. Abdelouahab Khelifati, Mourad Khayati, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Adrian Hänni, Qian Liu, and Manfred Hauswirth. “VADETIS: An Explainable Evaluator for Anomaly Detection Techniques.” In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2021). Demo Track. Greece, 2021. Bibtex PDF Code
  3. Abdelouahab Khelifati, Mourad Khayati, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. “CORAD: Correlation-Aware Compression of Massive Time Series Using Sparse Dictionary Coding.” In BigData, 2019. Bibtex PDF Code